F3 Knoxville


Bomb Shelter

THE SCENE: 76 degrees F, 78% humidity

SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Cherry Pickers

Run length of the grinder and do one merkin at each concrete joint (every 19 feet for a total of 15)

Return to the Pavilion and do one Bobby Hurley at each concrete joint

Everyone grab a numbered CMU and mosey to Mt. Crumpit for a partner workout.  Partner #1 starts the exercises listed below while Partner #2 starts the first ascent of Mt. Crumpit and does the 3 burpees.  Each team is challenged to complete all of the listed exercises.

100 Squat Trusts

200 Bent Rows

100 Upright Rows

200 OH CMU Flutter Kicks

200 Curls

100 Derkins

100 Dips

100 Triceps Extensions

100 Russian Swings


Run up Mt. Crumpit to back side of Tree, do 3 Burpees, run back down, and switch with partner

No time for Mary.  Returned to AO just as time expired.
Total of 14 HIMs
I shared the other magazine/paper clip that I carry in my wallet.  A few weeks ago I shared the one that I have been carrying around for 50+ years.  This one is relatively new; it came from the newspaper in January 1999.

“America first proclaimed its independence on the basis of self-evident truths.  America will remain a beacon of freedom for the world as long as it stands by those moral truths which are the very heart of its historical experience.  And so America:  If you want peace, work for justice.  If you want justice, defend life.  If you want life, embrace truth – truth revealed by God.”              Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, MO  January 1999

Excellent words to ponder.
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