F3 Knoxville

Weighty Words & A Kraken

Workout Date: 3 May 2021
QIC: Stripped

SCENE: Great weather for standing around. Mid 60s. Breezy. Some PAX actually missed the cold weather.



  • Windmills IC | Grady Corns IC
  • SSH IC | Cherry Pickers IC


Mosey to the top of the Equalizer. Kraken. Pick station, complete 25 reps of the prescribed exercise, then run a full lap around the course to the next station. Rinse and repeat. On each subsequent round, drop 5 reps from each exercise. Push yourself & push each other. Try to catch the guy in front of you. Stations included:

  • Lunges
  • BBS
  • Dips
  • Box jumps
  • Diamond Merks
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Burpees
  • Squats


  • Fellowship Mosey ™️
  • 40secs of OYO Stretching



Been thinking about words lately. I’ve got relatively young kids, so the past six years have been a lesson in how my words can affect another human being. As a dad & as a husband, I am a leader in my household; as a leader, my words have weight. Usually I see this when I let out a sarcastic comment at breakfast that manages to set an awful tone for the whole day, but every once in a while it works the other way too.

In my work, I’ve been with the same organization for years, but after joining the leadership team last year, I have learned that as a leader, my words have more weight.

F3 is a peer-led workout. Out here, we’re all leaders. Whether your the AO Q, the Q in charge that day, or just a guy posting to a workout—you are a leader; because even if you’ve only been around for a couple weeks, once the next FNG shows up you are a leader setting an example. And your words have weight.

One thing I really appreciate about Doubtfire is his positivity and his ability to make everyone feel welcome, even while pushing us to be better.

That tone that Doubtfire has set here at The Equalizer ⚖️ is the reason I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve missed; it’s the reason that I keep coming back and it’s what I want The Equalizer ⚖️ to continue to be known for. And I’ve come to realize that means I’m going to need to work on that; I need to be more positive, I need to be more encouraging, push more of the guys around me to be better—and I need y’all to not just join me in that pursuit, but hold me accountable to it.


MOLESKIN: Great PAX this morning

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check out the upcoming kickball tourney & grab a Q

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