F3 Knoxville

37 Thanks

Bomb Shelter
Workout Date: 25 Nov 2021
QIC: Smuggler

THE SCENE: Perfect gloom for Thanksgiving. Not too cold but just enough to make you keep going.

  • SSH- 10 4ct
  • Good Mornings- 5- 3ct down and up
  • CHerry Pickers- 5
  • Shoulder Taps- 10 4ct


Mosey to the base of ButterBilly hill with your CMu for some 37 Thanks

Complete 37 reps of each exercise. Than Rifle Carry CMU to cone up ButterBilly, about 37 feet away from start. Leave CMU and run the rest of the way to the top of the hill. At the top do 38 reps of corresponding core exercise before running back down the hill to your CMU, rifle carry back to start. Move to next exercise and repeat.

  • Thrusters  —> V Up
  • Hand Release Merkins —> LBC’s
  • mAn Makers—> Gas Pumps
  • Never cross dollys—-> V Up’s
  • Kranken Burpees—> LBC’s
  • Starfish Crunch —-> Gas Pumps

Some LBC’s for time
Today is my birthday. At 37 I see where I can be a more effective leader in my community. It starts with me realizing where i have failed. I need to be better at leading by example when it comes to giving back and being a servant leader to my community. With this being Thanksgiving, I’m am grateful that i have the opportunity to give back and i want to be better at following through with that.

Dec 18th Ugly Sweater Beer Ruck/Walk. M’s invited, don’t have to Ruck or drink beer, just come for the 2nd F!