F3 Knoxville

Soggy, Post-Christmas Smackdown…

Workout Date: 26 Dec 2015
QIC: Roadshow

Conditions: 60 degrees, wet and rainy

Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hop x 20
Merkins/Push-ups x 10
Prisoner Squats x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

Tour of the Parking Lot:
Bear crawl along the first side, lunge along the second side, bear crawl along the third side, then lunge along the final side (each side app. 20 yd)

Mosey to get coupons (two paver stones) then mosey to hill

Hill Work:
Got into groups of 3 for 5 rounds each of…
1 start at top with pavers, 2 at bottom.  While first person is running to the top of the hill the person at top is doing squats with blocks above head.  Person at the bottom is doing renegade rows with pavers.  All group members do 5 rounds.

Mosey to soccer fields with coupons.

Soccer Field Relays:
Same groups of 3 for 5 rounds each of…
First person takes the pavers and sprint to the other side of the field (app. 100 yd), does 10 curl-to-overhead press with pavers, leaves them there and sprints back.  While waiting two people alternate mountains climbers and speed squats.  Next person sprints and does 10 curl-to-overhead press and team alternates until all member have done 5 rounds.

Push-ups to 50:
15 standard
15 pike/dry dock
15 diamond push-ups
10 dive bombers

Mosey back to parking lot with pavers

Abs – Dealer’s Choice:
Flutter Kick – 15 count IC- Crawdad
Hello Dolly – 20 count IC – Roadshow
Russian twist – 20 count IC – Cap’n Crunch

COT led by Roadshow
“Man in the Mirror” poem by Dale Wimbrow

BOM led by P-Nut

No amount of holiday indulgence could keep the men of Knoxville from getting work done in the wet, post-Christmas gloom this Saturday.  All the sitting and feasting of the past couple of days left the men hungry to get moving.  It was a great morning with Roadshow up for his VQ.  There were 7 FNGs and a couple of F3 brothers from other cities.  We worked hard, got better physically and then 19 headed to Coffeeteria at a local Panera Bread to workout the 2nd F.

The PAX in Knoxville continues to fan the flames and put the EH on the sad clowns of K-town. This group is passionate and hungry.  The PAX looks forward to 2016 (more workouts, new AOs, CSAUP events…) and continuing to give away what was given to us…F3 COUNTS!!

Strength and Honor,
Cap’n Crunch for Roadshow