F3 Knoxville

K-Town’s First Post-LEAP Saturday Beatdown…

Asylum AM

Conditions: Clear and cold…26 degrees!

First up was to mosey to coupons (pavement bricks).  Everyone grabbed two and then it was time to mosey to one of the frost covered field’s of The Asylum (what we affectionately call our AO).

Once the PAX arrived at the field we circled up for a little warm up lead by Crawdad.  Here’s how things went down:
– 15 Merkins
– 10 Chinook Squats
– 20 Imperial Walkers
– 20 Big Boy Sit-ups
– 10 Carolina Dry Docks
– 5 Happy Jacks

Crawdad then had us mosey over to a hill for 11’s.  Start with 10 knerkins, run to the top of the hill then do 1 jump squat.  Run back down for 2 knerkins, run to the top of the hill and do 9 jump squats.  Repeat until PAX gets to 1 knerkin and 10 jump squats.

Fun with Coupons:
After 11’s the PAX grabbed their coupons and circled up.  YHC led through a group of exercises in a pyramid formation.  Here’s the drill (done with coupons)…
– R1 = 10x each of Narrow Squats, Bent-Over Flyes, Frog Squats, Standing Flyes, Reverse Lunges
– R2 = 20x each of Narrow Squats, Bent-Over Flyes, Frog Squats, Standing Flyes
– R3 = 30x each of Narrow Squats, Bent-Over Flyes, Frog Squats,
– R4 = 40x each of Narrow Squats, Bent-Over Flyes,
– R5 = 50x Narrow Squats

After YHC explained things the PAX partnered up and did the exercises OYO in pairs.  After everyone finished round 5 we topped things off with 100 mountain climbers all together in cadence.

The Long Mosey Home:
Everyone then moseyed over to the park trail with their coupons.  We took the trail back to the parking lot where we started to wrap things up (distance traveled on the trail with coupons was just over a 1 mile).

Ab Work:
Once we arrived back at our launch point we finished up with at little ab work, dealer’s choice.  It went down like this…
– Quickbooks – Bicycles (can’t remember the rep count)
– Sleeveless – Partner Leg Throwbacks (don’t know F3 name for it), 10 each person
– P-Nut – Department Stores (Plank position: 2nd floor was full plank, 1st floor was 6 inches, basement was chest on the ground with legs and arms up). P-Nut called it out.

BOM led by Crawdad

This was the first post-LEAP Saturday morning workout for Knoxville.  YHC was a little nervous due to the low temp (26 degrees), but as usual the Knoxville PAX did not disappoint!  K-Town PAX shows up and gets things done.  Today was Crawdad’s VQ and as expected he crushed it.  We went a little long on time due to the long mosey with coupons back to the parking lot, but PAX was not about to leave without finishing up with some ab work. By the time we finished we had toured over 2.5 miles of The Asylum this morning, most of that with coupons.

Thanks to the F3 Nation and especially the LEAP Team for all their support and encouragement over the last 6 weeks.  The men of this PAX get it and are giving it away to the men of Knoxville.  F3 Knoxville is something special.

Take notice…The Asylum is open for business…no sad clown is safe in Knoxville!

Strength and Honor,
Cap’n Crunch