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Dead frog and a huge worm

Workout Date: 1 Sep 2021
QIC: Tank

THE SCENE: Rain held off to just a drizzlie mist. Quite nice actually. The Circus maximus was nice and dry.

warmup stuff


if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it. So I’m rehashing my workouts from this week. Laziness…I think not.
Start at first cone. Do qty of 1 of 1st exercise. Move to next cone, do qty of 2, next cone qty of 3 etc. Total of  10 cones down one side of the Circus Maximus. Run a lap around the lot after completing all cones and go back to where you left off doing same exercise adding up again back to start.  switch to second exercise, then 3rd,4th. While waiting on the six, do LBCs or Al Gores.

exercises with travel movements are:

  • Merkins with runs
  • Squat jumps with bear crawls (every other cone)
  • Dry docks with low Bernie Sanders

apparently the circus maximus is bigger than I thought. We only got through three exercises this time around. Mosey back to the AO for some ab work

Freddy mercury‘s, side crunches, LBCs
14 pax

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have laid dormant” Horace (Roman Poet)

we talked about our nation’s wounded veterans and first responders and how they overcome adversity With the help of operation enduring warrior. We discussed the Hardship Hill and how they can get involved.

I missed coming out to the asylum. Great park, great guys, and I love the circus Maximus service. Great mumble chatter this morning as well. Need to come back more often. Don’t have a whole Lotta time for random comments so I’ll leave it at this. Don’t let this be your definition.

Tomorrow: A mythical land where 99% of human productivity, motivation and achievements are stored.

Hardship Hill , Wesley House snacks